Save The Bees Collection

Join the fight to #savethebees! 

We're joining the mission to save the UK's bees by supporting Friends of the Earth's #BeeCause campaign. 

We're giving £5 from the sale of every cake in our Save The Bees range to Friends of the Earth to support the #BeeCause. You can also choose to add your own donation when ordering. Plus, with every purchase you'll receive a free packet of wildflower seeds to plant in your garden or window box to create more bee-friendly habitats. 

Bees and other pollinators are crucial to our environment, ecosystems and food industry. In fact bees are responsible for 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat. Yet they are under serious threat from climate change, pesticide use and habitat loss. Bees have lost 97% of flower-rich wildflower meadows since the 1930s. We’ve lost 13 species since 1900, and a further 35 UK bee species are under threat of extinction.

Visit the Friends of the Earth website to find out more about the campaign to save our four-winged friends:

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